More efficiency. More quality. More transparency.

As an issuer or issuer agent, you can now count on CONNEXOR® Reporting as your high-performance platform for reference data.

CONNEXOR® Reporting is a centralized reporting platform for transmitting information on corporate events directly from you as an issuer or issuer agent to the market.

By using CONNEXOR® Reporting, issuers, issuer agents, SIX Exchange Regulation and SIX Securities Services offer the best in timely, reliable, and comprehensive information.

Already, as an issuer, you can fulfill your reporting and publication obligations to SIX Exchange Regulation by using CONNEXOR® Reporting.

Continuous improvement

The existing CONNEXOR® Reporting version is now also being enhanced to offer:

  • The ability to transfer issuer event verifications to issuer agents
  • The possibility to enter events on behalf of your issuer for SIX SIS Exclusive events
  • A reminder function for entered events
  • The flexibility to define the distribution logic of tasks and e-mails at event-level. This has been introduced specifically for issuer agents

With the enhancement of CONNEXOR® Reporting on 19th November 2012, the following events will be made available for electronic event registration for primary-listed equity securities:


  • Distribution of capital gains
  • Capital distribution
  • Interim liquidation
  • Distribution of bonus shares
  • Distribution of intermediary subscription rights


  • Final liquidation
  • Exchange
  • Merger
  • Assimilation
  • Stock split
  • Reverse split
  • Cash-out merger
  • Exercising of subscription rights
  • Redemption offer
  • Exchange offer
  • Takeover offer


  • Delisting

Issuer agent specific

  • Elimination of decimals
  • Worthless

SIX Securities Services is already in touch with issuer agents and clients. Further information and documentation will be published on our website.