Go Direct!

Go Direct!

Introducing SIX Securities Services’ solution for pan-European post-trade needs: T2S direct

From February 2015 onwards, once T2S will have become a reality, SIX Securities Services will be able to offer a unique and fully flexible service to connect to the new pan-European settlement platform:

A single interface for real-time settlement and monitoring.

Thanks to our fully integrated clearing, settlement and asset servicing infrastructure, SIX Securities Services’ clients will be able to settle their transactions across the Swiss and T2S markets in central bank money and across other markets in commercial bank money. By providing you with a single interface, SIX Securities Services ensures you have a consolidated view of clients’ businesses across all markets.

A range of access options for more flexibility.

SIX Securities Services offers you a choice of three different ways to access the T2S system. Depending on your profile and your strategy, you can benefit from the utmost flexibility. Broadly, this means you can benefit from all of our offerings – and the obvious efficiencies of scale – through opting for our integrated offering. Or, you can choose a more specialized service focusing only on our asset servicing capabilities or simply our settlement and safekeeping services.

Modular services for greater choice.

Across Europe today, very few post-trade conglomerates can match the comprehensive and integrated offering that is the hallmark of SIX Securities Services. But, given our experience of more than twenty years in this arena, we are also capable of unbundling our services and offering them to you according to your specific needs. This means you get the solution you want – in the way that you want.

Seamless access to almost 70 markets worldwide.

Besides direct access to all of the official and recognized T2S markets, SIX Securities Services ensures you have access to an additional 45 more markets around the world. This means you have greater flexibility when it comes to accessing liquidity pools and defining your investment strategies.