Now, where did I put that gold …?

Now, where did I put that gold …?

For your precious metal safekeeping and more – vault facilities from SIX Securities Services.

With the flight from currencies to precious metals over the past few years, more and more banks are faced with the challenge of where to store their growing stockpiles of bulky and heavy metals. This is where SIX Securities Services comes in.

As the post-trade market infrastructure for Switzerland – one of the world’s most stable and secure markets – SIX Securities Services offers storage and safekeeping of precious metals for its clients in one of the world’s biggest vaults.

Originally intended to house share certificates, bonds and other ‘dematerialised’ financial instruments, the vault has seen a surge in interest and a significant growth in the amount of precious metals being stored. “Last year we saw a single consignment of almost 30 tons of gold brought in for safekeeping,” explains Daniel Schulthess, Product Management, who runs the vault for SIX Securities Services.

“The benefits for our clients are clear,” explains Schulthess, “They no longer have to invest in expensive real-estate and purpose-fitting the spaces to meet the highest levels of security, instead they can entrust us with their high value collateral. We provide the reporting, the evaluations as appropriate and – of course – ready access when they need it.”

In addition to what we call Separate Safekeeping, SIX Securities Services can also play the role of collateral agent for you through its CSD, SIX SIS Ltd, for all forms of precious metals.

“We have deposits of gold, platinum, palladium – and it is all handled safely, securely and in a way that is tailored to your needs,” concludes Schulthess.