December edition of Radar – our industry-focused magazine

December edition of Radar – our industry-focused magazine

In this edition (“Seeing what matters“) we look at how far our industry can build predictability into its preparations for change.

As ‘first wavers’ get ready for the live launch of Target2-Securities (T2S) in June 2015, we are in a testing phase. What response to our efforts can we expect from those further up the transaction chain? How far has T2S piqued their interest? We draw on the work of the ECB in exploring how far enthusiasm for T2S extends.

At Sibos, the annual conference of SWIFT where industry issues get an airing, Thomas Zeeb, CEO, SIX Securities Services, was invited to take part in a panel discussion on the future of market infrastructures. This was billed as a ‘crystal ball’ session and in reviewing it, we look at what can and cannot be foretold.

With much of the current debate focusing on Europe, it is easy to forget that not all markets face the same pressures or opportunities. Philippe Metoudi is a familiar name to many in the world of Asian market infrastructures and we ask him to reflect on how the markets in which he still operates are progressing.

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