If it’s out there, it’s in here! March edition of Radar.

If it’s out there, it’s in here! March edition of Radar.

Technological disruption, collateral mobility, regulation – the key challenges for 2015 have followed us into 2016! And the things our industry is exploring are all in the new Radar. Read it now!

Many of the issues we were grappling with last year have accompanied us into 2016 and this is evident in our editorial coverage in this edition.

The expression ‘elephant in the room’ is commonly used to refer to a glaring issue that no one is addressing. We are wracking our brains to think of the opposite – a glaring issue that everyone is addressing – and while we can’t pin down the exact expression, the idea is epitomized by blockchain.

The issue of distributed ledgers was inescapable in 2015 and in this edition we take stock of how much has been achieved so far (apart from column inches in the press).

Also joining us for further deliberation is the question of collateral mobility: regulation and technology are both through to the play-offs in this particular challenge and we explore the likely impact of the SFTR (the EU Securities Financing Transactions Regulation), inter alia, on the state of the playing field.

With providers and customers along the value chain facing new technological, regulatory and operational decisions that will impact strategy in the years ahead, it is not surprising that traditional client/provider relationships are coming in for review from both sides. We report on a discussion that took place at Sibos in Singapore ‘far from the madding crowd’, where intermediaries at different points along the value chain compared notes on how their commercial relationships are changing.

Enjoy this edition of Radar!

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