Global Custodian rates SIX Securities Services as the best CSD and ICSD overall

Global Custodian rates SIX Securities Services as the best CSD and ICSD overall

While SIX Securities Services is not as big as most of its competitors, we certainly punch well above our weight in the global sub-custodian arena. For the second year running, we were rated best in class amongst our peers in the Global Custodian Survey thanks to our loyal and satisfied clients.

The Global Custodian Survey analyses the performance of sub-custodian agents in 27 markets globally based on responses from the world’s largest custodian banks, broker dealers and depositories. The survey revealed SIX Securities Services to be the best performing CSD and ICSD for the second year running, and the only provider to score a rating of over six (where seven is the maximum possible) in every single area across both categories!

International feedback – top scores in six out of six categories

SIX Securities Services dominated the international survey by taking top spot in six out of six categories to deliver the best overall client value. Despite having the highest rating in every category last year, we still managed to improve our ratings in four out of six categories: Settlement, Asset Servicing, Relationship & Client Service, and Ancillary Services. Our international market share also doubled since 2015 which is a significant achievement in an increasingly competitive environment.

Switzerland – the best overall score in 2016

Survey results from our domestic market Switzerland revealed a similar story, with
SIX Securities Services topping four out of six categories to achieve the best overall score in 2016. Being rated over six in every category for the first time ever shows that our measures to improve on last year’s results have paid off, particularly in the Value Delivered category.

“Impressive, excellent, knowledgeable”

One of our clients summed it up nicely saying “SIX Securities Services offers impressive and excellent service and has very knowledgeable staff members with good market know-how.” With that being said – what do you say to your clients when they rate you top in ten out of twelve categories again?

Thank you, again!