“Post-trade service providers must create value”
In 2017, SIX commissioned a study on approaches to new technologies in financial services. Asked which technologies decision-makers at financial institutions believed would be in mainstream use for at least one post-trade function by 2027, 63% of respondents cited Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 50% of participants saw a genuine use for Artificial Intelligence in client services, such as in answering client enquiries.

“How can I help you today?”
In close collaboration with Enterprise Bot, a young company from the F10 start-up program, SIX built a chatbot (“Gianna”) to help our clients with MarketGuide requests, forms and contacts – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gianna is designed to provide a fuller, more enjoyable experience when looking for Custody & Settlement information. In a first step, Gianna is available on the Post-Trade private site from SIX SIS Ltd, and is ready to take questions in English – in a very human and friendly way.

Tino Hellmund, Head Client Service Management, SIX: “SIX is convinced that by using Gianna, our experts from the Middle Office will benefit from no longer carrying out repetitive tasks. With Gianna, we can free up their valuable time to deal with complicated client queries. Answering these queries adds real value for our clients, thus resulting in greater client satisfaction.”

Gianna – soon ready for upper school
In the upcoming months, SIX will gather insights into how Gianna can help our clients better find the information and documents they need. Based on the reports and analytics it receives, SIX will be in a position to plan the next steps for Gianna. Longer term, it is the strong goal of SIX to connect Gianna with SECOM so that our clients can directly query the status of their orders themselves. Furthermore, Gianna’s next language to learn is German.

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