Intrapreneurship: Learning from each other

“We want to get up, work together, learn from each other” – This quote formed the basis for a workshop that took place in autumn 2017 in F10. It received a great deal of interest and has already spawned other meetings.

Thanks to SIX’s infrastructure, Switzerland now has the reputation for being one of the most-competitive financial centers in the world – and this is how things should stay.

“We are convinced that innovation has to be an integral part of every company if they are to have a successful future. This is why we asked ourselves how other companies embrace and foster innovation,” explains Martin Meier, Innovation Legionaire and Product Manager at SIX Securities Services in Zurich. The idea of “fostering intrapreneurship” was born.

“Welcome to SIX”

Representatives from Georg Fischer, Beekeeper, UBS, Swisscom and ewz all came to F10 in Zurich-West at the end of September 2017 to exchange ideas. “Just a few minutes into the workshop, participants had already begun in-depth discussions, exchanging ideas and taking notes,” recalls Benjamin Peláez, Innovation Legionaire and Specialist Corporate Actions at SIX Securities Services in Olten, describing the start of the day.


The day ended with a long list of ideas as to how the participants were planning to implement their innovative thoughts in their own companies. Examples of this included somebody investing an additional day in innovation, somebody else focusing on changing their corporate culture, and another person creating an innovation lab.