Stability and security

Millions of financial transactions flow through our systems every day. Without our high-performance platforms, the Swiss economy would grind to a standstill. That is why stability, security and technological innovation have top priority when it comes to our financial systems.

To increase security, we are replacing the “Safeword Token” authentication solution we previously used, as it is reaching the end of its lifecycle and risks no longer meets today’s high security standards. We will now offer two different authentication solutions as replacements:

The new standard in usable authentication

Via a mobile app installed directly on users’ smartphones, Futurae offers various innovative and highly secure authentication options. This new type of authentication is extremely user-friendly and depending on the option selected, works without any user interaction. The technology underlying Futurae products has been tested by the world's leading cybersecurity experts.

If you would like to find out more about Futurae’s mobile software solution, you can watch the video interview with Sandra Tobler, the co-founder and CEO of Futurae Technologies, here:

Clients of SIX SIS Ltd can choose the authentication solution that best matches their needs. Both authentication solutions meet the highest security standards and can be ordered via the SWS platform from 22 June 2018.