Advanced Tax Services – Reclaim

Advanced Tax Services – Reclaim

SIX Securities Services now offers an end-to-end service for the reclaim of withholding taxes – a market first. The ‘Tax Reclaim’ service creates significant opportunities for banks and investors to optimize revenues and returns that – due to cost considerations – were only available to large scale investors in the past.

Reclaiming withholding taxes used to be a complex, country-specific and opaque process for banks and investors. The new Tax Reclaim service from SIX Securities Services  changes the way tax reclaims will be processed possibly forever. With this new offering, SIX Securities Services takes over the entire process chain from market-specific tax form creation, through coordinating with relevant tax authorities right up until tax refunds. This approach streamlines and optimizes the complete value-chain – banks gain efficiency through reduced complexity and new clients. And investors profit from higher returns on their investments.

Rely on advanced technology and long-term tax expertise

This new service is not a pure software solution nor solely dependent on tax expertise. It combines  an innovative technology with the profound know-how of our tax experts and our experience in setting up efficient and cost-effective processes. The new Tax Reclaim service satisfies the demands for easy and smooth handling of tax reclaims and can also be used for assets deposited outside SIX Securities Services (custody independent)!

Broaden your service offering and generate additional revenue for your bank and your clients

Double taxation leads to significantly lower returns for investors, estimated to be worth billions per year. Tax Reclaim from SIX Securities Services generates economies of scale across all stakeholders resulting in significant cost savings for banks. At the same time, investors can optimize their after tax portfolio performance significantly. All gain. No pain.

Benefit from seamless processing and our strong relationships with tax authorities

As part of this service, SIX Securities Services generates and prepares all required tax forms and certifications in cooperation with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of the corresponding beneficial owner. 

Ensure that your data is well protected

Being systemically important and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and the Swiss National Bank (SNB), SIX Securities Services is subject to rigorous data protection obligations. Therefore, client data security is assured at all times.

Advanced Tax Service – Reclaim

All gain:

  • Enhanced quality: automated data enrichment, ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Modularity: adapts industry/regulatory changes; market specific client tax reports
  • Greater savings for banks
  • Better returns for investors

No pain:

  • Reduced risk: full audit trail and consistent processes
  • Improved compliance: complies with current tax regulation/associated reporting requirements