Bring on 2018 - have a great year with us!

Take a look at some of SIX Securities Services' achievements and milestones in 2017 - thank you for a great year!

1st Quarter

SIX x-clear further extends clearing services to Nasdaq Nordic markets

Since January 2017, SIX x-clear provides clearing services for the Nasdaq Nordic cash equity markets (including ETFs). The new clearing services allow members to have one net settlement for all trades across all platforms cleared by SIX x-clear. Cross-platform netting and cross-margining of risk combined with a tiered pricing structure offer clients the best suited solution for their needs in terms of scale, cost, risk and liquidity.

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Global Custodian awards for “Best ICSD Network” and “Global Excellence in Technology and Connectivity”!

At the “Leaders in Custody” event hosted by Global Custodian magazine, SIX Securities Services was awarded the “Best ICSD Network” in 2016 and also received the prestigious “Global Excellence in Technology and Connectivity” award for the first time.

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FINMA awards new "multilateral trading facility" status to the CO:RE trading platform

In March 2017, FINMA granted the request submitted by SIX for the CO:RE trading platform to be recognized as a multilateral trading facility (MTF). This represents a further milestone for SIX in its implementation of the regulatory requirements relating to the Swiss Value Chain with a view to making it easier for international participants to enter the market.

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2nd Quarter

SIX Securities Services partners with DTCC to issue Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) in Switzerland

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) was devised to provide insight into corporate entities with the aim of greatly reducing cross-platform risk exposure. By providing LEIs together, SIX Securities Services and DTCC’s Global Markets Entity Identifier utility (GMEI utility) help regulators and market participants to aggregate and better understand their exposures, enhance market transparency and significantly improve the analysis of global systemic risk.

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SIX Securities Services launches new Equity Index Baskets

In May 2017, SIX Repo's trading platform CO:RE launched two additional European Equity Index Baskets: the CAC 40 and FTSE 100 for equity repo financing.

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SIX Securities Services launches its Advanced Settlement service – reducing risks and costs for the Swiss financial center.

With Advanced Settlement, SIX Securities Services introduced a new centralized, integrated and fully automated settlement solution allowing its clients to significantly boost the efficiency and minimize the risk of their entire settlement processes as well as consistently maintain high straight-through processing (STP) rates. 

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3rd Quarter

The move to Hard Turm Park is complete!

SIX relocated more than 1,000 of its people from their historically separate locations to a single shared location in Zurich-West. The new Hard Turm Park building makes it easier to put teams together quickly and flexibly for project work.

Thomas Zeeb named “Top Digital Shaper of Switzerland”

C-Level is an organization that connects the leading 3,500 managers from Switzerland’s largest companies. In nominating its Top Digital Shapers of Switzerland, C-Level consulted various parts of its community. One person constantly cited as being a Digital Shaper was Thomas Zeeb, Division CEO SIX Securities Services, so it was no great surprise when he was selected as one of the 100 Top Digital Shapers of Switzerland.

Will robots start talking to our clients?

SIX Securities Services began exploring how Artificial Intelligence-based systems could take on the responsibility for repetitive processes. For its clients to benefit from an even more targeted service, over the next few months, SIX Securities Services will be working with a pilot client to test the various use cases and make them market-ready.

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FINMA recognized SIX SIS Ltd as FMI

In September 2017, SIX SIX Ltd was recognized as a financial market infrastructure (FMI) provider. This is another important milestone in ensuring the regulatory compliance of the Swiss Value Chain and long-term continuity of the Swiss financial system.

4th Quarter

SIX Securities Services goes live with its trade repository to report derivatives transactions in Switzerland

In October 2017, the Swiss trade repository service provided by SIX Securities Services went live.

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Sibos 2017 Toronto

SIX Securities Services travelled to Sibos 2017 Toronto to showcase its post-trade and payments power at the world’s largest international financial trade event.

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SIX Securities Services solves withholding tax issues for investors in Switzerland

Through its Advanced Tax Service – Reclaim, SIX Securities Services created a solution for Switzerland’s banks and investors to overcome the complex, country-specific and opaque processes that currently define reclaiming withholding taxes.

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SIX Securities Services is rated the best provider of Swiss custody services in global survey

Results from industry magazine Global Custodian's annual Agent Banks in Major Markets survey reveals that SIX Securities Services is rated as the best Swiss Custodian with an average score of 6.26 out of a maximum possible 7.

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SIX Securities Services tops ICSD global survey for the third year in a row

On a 7-point scoring system, SIX Securities Services averaged 6.44, an impressive rise from 6.17 in 2016, and coming in higher than the global average of 5.54 and market average of 5.78.

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