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Sibos 2017 Toronto

16 - 19 October 2017


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Open Theater session

Open Theater 2
Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Will robots now start talking to our clients?

Speaker: Nino Ciganovic – Head Client Support, SIX Securities Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an integral part of client experience across a range of industries. Experts estimate that AI will have surpassed human intelligence by 2019! In our day-to-day lives we no longer think twice about trusting a bot to help us through a software installation, and it has become second nature now to use voice commands for searches, ask about the weather, set calendar appointments and even buy pizzas.

But what about the financial industry – and especially the post-trade industry? Are we prepared to use AI? Are our clients willing to talk to a robot instead of our people? And what would we use AI for? 

Join us for our Open Theater session for insights into how SIX Securities Services are meeting the AI challenge for post-trade services and beyond.

Want to learn more on what SIX Securities Services is doing with AI?

Community session

Conference room 4
Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The future of the Post-Trade industry – escaping the scale trap

Speakers: Thomas Zeeb, CEO, SIX Securities Services – Richard Schwartz , Global Custodian – Ganapathy Subramaniam, Chief, COO, Tata Consultancy Services – Christopher Church, Chief Business Development Officer, Digital Asset Holdings – Glenn Goucher, President, TMX

The post-trade space is set for a major transformation with the imminent arrival of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), new and nimbler players attacking high-value business lines and the ongoing budget pressures arising from regulatory challenges and ever-increasing client-push for better ROI.

Greater scale has always been perceived to be the key solution to all such pressures. But is it? Are there better, more sustainable approaches that the industry should implement? If so, what could they be? Join us as industry leaders outline what the future could hold.

SIX Securities Services is uniquely positioned to build up value-added solutions to support our client’s core business needs well into the future.

Thomas Zeeb

Thomas Zeeb


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Tomas Kindler discusses findings from collateral management study

Thomas Zeeb on AI and robotics

Will robots start talking to our clients?

Applying AI to post-trade with Nino Ciganovic

Will robots start talking to our clients?

Tomorrow's reality. Today.

Join us at Sibos in Toronto at stand G44

This year we look forward to showcasing the best of Swiss FinTech with a strong focus on our comprehensive post-trade services – ranging from clearing all the way through to payments and everything in between. Also in focus are our new Advanced Services now available to our clients!

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Check out the video walk-through of our stand G44!

SIX Securities Services

About us

SIX Securities Services is a premier and leading post-trade partner for banks, brokers, stock exchanges and other financial intermediaries in Switzerland and Europe. Our business model is primarily focused on efficient and consistent post-trade services ranging from clearing and settlement through to securities custody, asset servicing and collateral management, as well as a range of services for issuers. In addition, SIX operates platforms for the electronic processing of interbank payments, repurchase agreements (repos), direct debits and billing, land registry and mortgage transactions. Our promise: Solutions for the future. Now.

Advanced Services

We are developing a package of value-creating solutions called Advanced Services. The new service offering helps our clients to significally reduce their operational complexity, operational risks and costs. Moreover, it assists clients to generate  new revenue opportunities leaving them free to concentrate on their core business and strengths.

SIX Securities Services

Core Services

SIX Securities Services is Switzerland's pre-eminent comprehensive post-trade service provider for clearing, settlement, risk management, securities custody and administration. We provide the Swiss financial center and international markets with an efficient and automated infrastructure. All systemically important services are pooled together within SIX Securities Services which covers the entire post-trade transaction lifecycle - find out more.

Multi-Asset Clearing Services

  • Real-time risk management
  • Minimized counterparty risk
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Cross-margining and enhanced settlement netting

Swiss and International Settlement

  • Boosting your liquidity
  • Direct access to T2S
  • One account for all markets
  • Real-time online processing and status monitoring

Custody Services

  • Cost optimization and operational efficiency
  • Global connectivity to key markets
  • Strong client service focus
  • Flexible and comprehensive solutions and Asset Safety

Vault Services

  • Highest level of security
  • Tailored and discreet services
  • Fast handling of physical assets

Asset Servicing

  • Proactive and reliable market information
  • Minimized settlement risk
  • Improved cashflow
  • Every deadline met

Securities Finance

  • Fast and secured access to liquidity
  • Risk mitigation and regulatory compliance
  • Integrated service model

Global Fund Services

  • Full one-stop-shop approach
  • Minimized counterparty risk
  • Expert client support

Trade Repository

  • The only Swiss trade repository
  • Best-in-class application with Swiss finish (UnaVista)
  • Data storage and support in Switzerland
  • Full price transparency

Tax Services

  • Reliable Tax Competence Center
  • Accurate, low risk and timely services
  • Tailored cross-border services

Interbank Payments

SIX Interbank Clearing operates the SIC payment system for CHF on behalf of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), and euroSIC for EUR transactions on behalf of the Swiss financial center. This enables financial institutions across the world to quickly and securely settle their electronic payment transactions in CHF and EUR. 

E-bills and direct debits

Working together with the Swiss banks, SIX Paynet developing an open infrastructure, which from 2019 can be used to process all e-bills and direct debits. On receiving an e-bill, you can check and then pay it directly in your e-banking with just a few clicks – simple, convenient, fast, with no time or paper wasted.


Terravis is an electronic information portal for land register and cadastral survey data in Switzerland. The portal provides access to real-estate information across different systems and cantons. Additional services are being developed, such as electronic business transactions between land registers, banks and notaries.

We operate the platform for the electronic processing of land registration and mortgage transactions. Furthermore, we offer fiduciary management of registered mortgage notes.

Tuesday stand apéro

On Tuesday afternoon after a busy second day at Sibos 2017 Toronto, SIX Securities Services organized an Apéro to welcome our esteemed clients, prospects and business partners to our stand. Here are some pictures from the event!

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Health Corner

SIX Securities Services proudly sponsors the Sibos Health Corners

The Health Corners will be open at the following times:

  • Monday 16 October: 15:00-16:00
  • Tuesday 17 October: 10:00-11:00 & 15:00-16:00
  • Wednesday 18 October: 10:00-11:00 & 15:00-16:00
  • Thursday 19 October: 10:00-11:00

Our team

SIX Group Executive Board

Dr. Urs Rüegsegger

Dr. Urs Rüegsegger

Group CEO

Thomas Zeeb

Thomas Zeeb

CEO SIX Securities Services

Markets & Clients / Client Support

Valerio Roncone

Valerio Roncone

Head Markets & Clients
Management Committee,
SIX Securities Services

Sandro Heim

Sandro Heim

Head Sales & Relationship Management,
SIX Securities Services

Nino Ciganovic

Fabrizio Pescosolido

Senior Relationship Manager,
SIX Securities Services

Nino Ciganovic

Nino Ciganovic

Head Client Support,
Management Committee,
SIX Securities Services

Financial Center Services

Thomas Kindler

Thomas Kindler

Head Financial Center Services
Management Committee,
SIX Securities Services

Martin Frick

Martin Frick

Head Interbank Payments,
SIX Interbank Clearing

Boris Brunner

Boris Brunner

Head Business Development & Operations,
SIX Interbank Clearing

Bruno Kudermann

Bruno Kudermann

Senior Product Manager SIC,
SIX Interbank Clearing

Strategic Marketing & Communications

Avi Ghosh

Avi Ghosh

Head Strategic Marketing & Communications,
SIX Securities Services

Simone Debrunner

Simone Debrunner

Senior Marketing Manager,
SIX Securities Services

Mirna Weidenmann

Mirna Wiedenmann

Executive Assistant,
SIX Securities Services

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