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Do you have questions about the SIX Trade Repository? Here you will find answers to basic questions about our service offering, onboarding, pricing, regulation and reporting. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Is it possible to test connectivity details, user management and desired structure before going into production?


Where can I find the details on how fees are calculated and handled?

How can you benefit from a volume discount?

How would a change of transaction fees be handled by SIX SIX if it needs to change fees?


Is an active LEI necessary to report transactions to SIX Trade Repository?

Do all FMIA obligations apply to the same extent to all counterparties within the scope of FMIA and EMIR?

How are the classifications FC+/FC- determined?

How are the classifications NFC+/NFC- determined?

What do clients need to consider when their headquarters is outside Switzerland?

Do bank clients established in the EEA have to report themselves?


Do I have to report lifecycle events?


How do you report an FX Swap?

What is the seller`s rule for IRS?

When a transaction matures is it required to be reported as a cancellation ("C" in the reporting workflow)?

Can the reporting obligation be delegated?

Do cross-border transactions also have to be reported to SIX Trade Repository?

What is the requirement for Front-loading of transactions under FMIA? Will there be an indication that a report is a backloaded?

What counts as a billable transaction/report?

Reporting Workflow

What fields are used to uniquely identify a trade or position?

How do we report a reversed trade?

Does information on the V reports (Action Type = V) need to match with the original N (Action Type = New) report?

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