If you save your debit card with Netflix, for example, or in a wallet such as Apple Pay for mobile payments, your debit card will automatically be digitalized. This may also be the case when paying in an online shop or for other subscription services.

When the debit card is digitalized, the sensitive card data is encrypted and turned into a type of “secret code” known as a token. To protect against misuse or data theft, only the token is saved instead of the sensitive card data. It can then be used to process future and/or recurring transactions.

This brings the following advantages

Quick explanation of the debiX+ app overview

If no entries are displayed, the debit card is not saved as a digital debit with any online shops or wallets.

Active status:
The digital debit card can be charged for purchases or recurring payments in the corresponding online shop or wallet.

For example, if you have signed up for a monthly subscription with Netflix and saved a digital debit card, then Netflix can debit the amount each month.

Blocked status:
Nothing can currently be charged to the digital debit card.

For example, if the digital debit card is saved with Netflix but is blocked, then Netflix cannot debit the monthly amount. However, the subscription with Netflix remains in place. 

Manage card:
Click on a digital debit card to see and manage further details.

After a digital debit card has been blocked, it can no longer be charged.

Blocked digital debit cards can be unblocked. Exception: If the card was blocked by the bank, it can only be unblocked through the bank.

Deleted digital debit cards are no longer shown in the overview. The process cannot be reversed.

Remember: Subscriptions connected to a digital card are still valid.