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FAQ - Primary Debt Capital Market

1. What is the minimum issuance amount for a bond listed and/or traded on SIX? Answer

2. In which currencies can a bond be listed and/or traded on SIX? Answer

3. What kinds of bonds can be listed and/or traded on SIX? Answer

4. Is it possible to list a financial instrument with a duration less than one year to maturity? Answer

5. How long does an issuer have to exist to be able to list bonds on SIX? Answer

6. Can the issuer submit the listing application himself? Answer

7. What are the main documents that need to be submitted along with the listing application? Answer

8. How long does it take for a bond to be listed and admitted to trading? Answer

9. In which languages can the listing documentation be submitted? Answer

10. What information must be included in the listing prospectus? Answer

11. What are the main ongoing obligations that come with a bond listing? Answer

12. Will the bonds listed on SIX be directly admitted to the Swiss Bond Indices (SBI)? Answer

13. How much does the listing of a bond cost? Answer