100% Swiss Quality Trading

100% Swiss Quality Trading

Outstanding Liquidity Across a Wide Range of Key Trading Segments

Trade on a Uniquely Liquid Market

With an outstanding market share, the Swiss Stock Exchange is the reference market for Swiss securities. As a result, we can offer you the best order book quality, outstanding liquidity and a unique blend of Swiss and international trading participants and investors.

You benefit from our highly liquid and efficient trading in Equities, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Products, Sponsored Funds and Structured Products – a total of over 46,000 securities, including three of Europe's five biggest blue chips.


The Benefits of a Direct Membership With the Swiss Stock Exchange

Three trading participants explain what they appreciate about the Swiss Stock Exchange and how this has manifested itself in the exceptional stock market year 2020. Representatives of St. Galler Kantonalbank, Privatbank IHAG and Liechtensteinische Landesbank praise the stability of the trading platform and the order book quality of the Swiss Stock Exchange during the Corona crisis, enumerate the various benefits of a direct membership and disclose which innovative services of SIX they appreciate the most.

Trail-Blazing Technology

Time and again, the Swiss Stock Exchange has led the industry in terms of technological innovation. We run one of the world’s most advanced platforms, marrying benefits of exceptional speed, capacity and stability into one powerful offering.

Our co-location service means that you, as one of our members, benefit fully from the outstanding performance of our platform. This basically means that – regardless of your location – you get full, fair and equal access to our trading engine.

Plus, we are highly flexible when it comes to being compatible with the range of connectivity options and interfaces on the market. If needed, we would be more than happy to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your business model.

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The Swiss Stock Exchange carries out upgrades of its "SWXess" trading platform as part of its ongoing improvement efforts. The following documentation provides the participants the most important Information about the SWXess Maintenance Releases (SMR).

Should you have any questions in relation to the SWXess Maintenance Releases, please contact Member Services.

Commissions & Advisory Boards

The Swiss Stock Exchange attaches a great deal of importance to personal contact, which is why we foster constant dialogue with our customers and partners. We offer you valuable platforms for openly exchanging ideas and opinions in various commissions. This allows us to strengthen collaboration and implement market-oriented solutions.

Regulatory Organs