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23.06.2017 Investors

Second ''ETF Basiswissen'' event

The new event series of SIX Swiss Exchange provides private investors with the basic tools for investing in ETFs

How do you trade in ETFs? And how do you compare different ETF products? These questions provided the focus of the Swiss stock exchange's second «ETF Basiswissen» event. Participants were given a clear, straightforward explanation of the aspects to consider when buying and selling Exchange Traded Funds, and of how to compare products. The event at the SIX ConventionPoint in the Stock Exchange Building in Selnau was attended by over 30 private investors. They were welcomed by Danielle Mair, Senior ETFs & ETPs Sales Manager at SIX Swiss Exchange, who gave them practical advice on how to search for products on the Swiss stock exchange's website.

Experts from the areas of trading and FinTech provided participants with the necessary tools for investing successfully in Exchange Traded Funds. Andreas Bartels, ETF Sales Trading at Commerzbank and Rino Borini, Co-Founder and CEO of financialmedia, explained when and how investors should trade in an ETF, what criteria they should use for comparing funds, and how they could compare ETFs independently on a day-to-day basis using simple methods.

«We are delighted that we have been able to give the many investors who attended a greater insight into how to use Exchange Traded Funds,» commented Danielle Mair. «Our website offers a raft of possibilities for comparing a wide range of ETFs and deciding which ones to invest in.»

Expert knowledge: straightforward and comprehensible

Both an entry point for ETF beginners or knowledge increase for more seasoned investors: in various presentations, each edition of the new and free event series «ETF Basiswissen» (in German only) provides all the basic information about ETFs as well as current trends. More ETF events can be found in our event calendar.

Pursuit is also a strategy

Are you looking for a simple way to participate in the performance of entire markets? With passive ETFs listed on SIX Swiss Exchange you are certainly on the right track. We were one of the first European exchanges to launch our ETF segment and have been providing liquid and transparent trading for over 15 years. Find out more.


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