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13.04.2017 Investors

March 2017: Strongest month in the year to date

The statistical monthly report contains the latest trade and turnover figures for SIX Swiss Exchange.

March was the strongest month on SIX Swiss Exchange so far this year in terms of both trading turnover and the number of transactions. Trading turnover reached a total of CHF 143.1 billion in March, which marked an impressive increase of 32.2% on the previous month. There was also a marked rise in the number of trades, which were up by 17.8% to 4'682'615.

Trading turnover was also up on a year-on-year basis. Over the first three months of 2017, turnover on the trading platforms of SIX Swiss Exchange totaled CHF 371.7 billion, equating to growth of 6.0% versus the same period last year. Last year's trading was spread over a greater number of transactions, which is why the corresponding figure for this year of 12'861'385 is 7.8% down on last year's total.

The month-on-month growth in March was reflected across all segments. The number of transactions was up by 17.8% in the equities including funds & ETPs segment, in which 4'485'017 trades were conducted, with trading turnover up by 29.9% to CHF 110.9 billion. The highest increase of trading turnover was recorded in ETFs with a plus of 44.7% to reach CHF 12.8 billion. In terms of trades, CHF bonds showed the highest growth and were up by 22.3% to 37'853.

Focused on increasing trading volumes

With Liquid Capital Management LLP, SIX Swiss Exchange welcomed the 22nd Market Maker in its highly successful ETF segment in March 2017. Furthermore, JP Morgan successfully started trading in SLS; this long-standing partnership of SIX Swiss Exchange with Liquidnet provides access to the largest pool of buy-side block liquidity in Europe. An overview of recent successfully launched initiatives by SIX Swiss Exchange is provided in a video interview with, Robert Cranston, Head Equity Product Management.

More detailed figures are available in the statistical monthly report[pdf]. An overview of order book quality at SIX Swiss Exchange is reflected in the Equity Liquidity Matrix (ELM), while our tool Intraday Activity allows a monitoring of daily trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange. Furthermore, our website provides daily figures for volume and turnover.


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