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News - First crypto index ETP listing by Amun AG



22.11.2018 Investors

First crypto index ETP listing by Amun AG

Switzerland’s stock exchange hosts world’s first crypto index ETP

Swiss fintech Amun joined SIX as a new ETP issuer in its trading segment. The Amun ETP listing is the world’s first crypto index ETP on the Swiss stock exchange. It is based on the Amun HODL5 index, which includes the four top crypto currencies defined by market capitalization: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC). Trading of the new product starts November 22, 2018. With this the number of tradable ETPs on SIX rises to 38.

Amun AG was established by a team of FinTech entrepreneurs and bankers in July 2018, incorporated and registered in Zug, Switzerland, as a public limited corporation. After exploring more than 28 different exchanges and territories around the world, Amun AG settled on Switzerland for its financial excellence and regulatory stability.

An ETP is a collateralized, non-interest-paying bearer debt security issued as a security and traded as well as redeemed in the same structure on a continuous basis. Collateral is deposited with a third party and amounts to at least 100% of the outstanding amount. ETPs relate to an underlying instrument that is admitted by the Regulatory Board of SIX Exchange Regulation, i.e. that has a price that is set regularly and that is publicly accessible. Unlike ETFs, an ETP is not a collective investment scheme in the sense of the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA) and with this is not supervised by FINMA. This product is not CCP eligible.

ETPs have been traded on Swiss stock exchange since 2010. A varied range of commodity ETPs is offered. In addition to the primary asset class, commodities, ETPs now newly also cover crypto currencies.

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