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02.05.2017 Investors

Merger of the Two Stock Exchanges

SIX Swiss Exchange absorbs SIX Structured Products Exchange as of 2 May 2017.

For 10 years, exchange trading in structured products in Switzerland has been operated by SIX Structured Products Exchange Ltd (or its predecessor), a subsidiary of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.

Regulatory requirements of the Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FMIA) required a new application for all existing licenses for stock exchanges and institutions similar to a stock exchange. As a result, SIX Swiss Exchange chose a solution to strengthen the market and oriented to synergies, only applying for one license for both stock exchanges (Exchange Notification 16/2017[pdf]). The reduction to just one stock exchange license results in a merger of the two legal entities - SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd and SIX Structured Products Exchange Ltd. As of today, 2 May 2017, SIX Structured Products Exchange Ltd is being transferred to SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd and continued as the Trading Segment for Structured Products.

This will not affect the connectivity, the technical operation of the trading segments, the listing process or the regulations. The trading regulations of SIX Structured Products Exchange Ltd will remain unchanged and will be integrated in the regulations and instructions of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd in line with other trading segments. There will not be any changes as regards participation for customers.

In future, the existing quality label SIX Structured Products will also be given to listed structured products:

The structured products website,, and the Structured Products Advisory Board will be maintained.

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