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«Going Public» Publications

Going Public on the Swiss Stock Exchange (2nd Edition 2015)   IPO Guide Switzerland
(en anglais)
  List your company efficiently with our going public process    
Go public on the Swiss Stock Exchange and concurrently access the US capital markets   Securing Fair and Transparent Protection Offered by the Swiss Takeover Rules Through Being Listed on SIX   The New Swiss Prospectus Regime – What You as an IPO Candidate Need to Know

«Being Public» Publications

Our Checklist Supports Your Being Public            

Special Publications

Welcome to the Swiss financial center (Anglais)   Enjoy the benefits of Europe's leading exchange for Life Sciences        

Extracts Third-Party Publications

Going Public Magazin – Special Capital Market Switzerland (2019)   Biocom – European Biotechnology (2018)        


Information on gatherings that are organized by the Swiss Stock Exchange or at which SIX is present can be accessed centrally at Events.