In addition to the Code for Suppliers, SIX suppliers must comply with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). The following forms apply to special versions, real estate, for example:

  • work and labor work order
  • service contract
  • maintenance and support work order
  • purchase agreement
  • cloud agreement
  • personnel leasing
  • framework agreement

The GTC are available for the procurement regions. SIX strives to review the GTC every three years and adapt them to the current market conditions

Additional standard contractual documents, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and other templates.

Risk Management and Monitoring of Business Relations

In close cooperation with the specialist units, Procurement monitors the direct and indirect risks for SIX. Procurement is in charge of monitoring and higher-level relationship management and, on request, supports the specialist units in purchasing-related matters.

Non-compliance with Supplier Conditions and Reporting Failure to Comply

If SIX learns that a supplier has failed to comply with the supplier requirements, the supplier affected must correct this situation within the contractual time period. In the event of severe violations, SIX reserves the right to end the supplier relationship immediately.

A supplier who becomes aware of illegal or other improper conduct by a SIX employee should inform SIX. The supplier can report to Compliance anonymously. A supplier's relationship with SIX will not be jeopardized by the reporting in good faith of potential misconduct.