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CONNEXOR Terms displays even complex financial instruments in digitized form. The service combines data depth and quality with a standardized data structure, permitting the efficient further processing and use of reference data

CONNEXOR® Terms ensures accurate reference data. This improves the offering of data vendors and other data users and allows them to strengthen and expand their client relations. Delivered reference data is always up to date and immediately takes account of adjustments made due to corporate and financial instrument events. Transmitted without media breaks, the reference data is directly incorporated in the users' interface and can be used in middle- and back-offices without delay.

Increased efficiency thanks to standardization

CONNEXOR® Terms combines a richer depth of data with a future-oriented, standardized data structure. The standardized input of reference data by issuers and the automated forwarding of unchanged data eliminates the need for investors and users of reference data to reconcile and manually enter the data.


CONNEXOR® Terms Applikation «Internet Based Terms (IBT)»