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CONNEXOR: A unique reference data platform

The requirements related to the management of financial instrument data are increasing and facing major challenges for market participants. High-quality, complete, and immediately available reference data are becoming more and more important, including the fulfillment of regulatory obligations such as IRS 871(m) or MiFID II. This is where CONNEXOR comes in. With appropriate services for the issue and maintenance of an instrument as well as for data use CONNEXOR allows straight-through processing.

of an instrument

CONNEXOR Numbering
is the central reservation tool for Swiss security identification numbers and ISINs.

enables financial instruments to be immediately and simple admitted to trading.

CONNEXOR Distribution
Captures reference data of not-listed instruments in a standardized manner

of an instrument

is the reporting platform for the timely transmission of financial instrument event data to fulfil reporting obligations.

CONNEXOR Reporting
is the reporting platform for transmitting corporate action data to fulfil reporting obligations under stock exchange law.


Provides access to detailed and
high-quality reference data in a standardized manner for an efficient further processing.

Your Advantages of CONNEXOR
  • Increased efficiency
    Reference data from simple as well as complex financial instruments can be fully automated, distributed and processed using a global, standardized data format. This simplifies workflows and reduces the number of interfaces. As a result issuers, data vendors and data recipients benefit from substantial efficiency advantages.
  • Premium data quality
    Reference data are directly captured and maintained by the issuers. This enables market participants to benefit from original and high-quality data. CONNEXOR ensures the plausibility of the product data with the aid of validation rules, thus allowing the highest possible data quality.
  • Fast data distribution and availability
    The fully automated data processing of CONNEXOR ensures fast, global distribution and availability of reference data. Immediately available, up-to-date product data is essential in the context of the further processing of data, but also in the provision of data-based solutions.

CONNEXOR® brochure[pdf]