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18.03.2013 Participants

Expanded range of Service Providers

SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes Algomi, providing direct access to the exchange participants as part of the Algomi Connectivity Hub offering.

Algomi provides access to SIX Swiss Exchange as a standalone connectivity service or integrated as a component of its Synchronicity pairing platform that is transforming the sales and trading of larger and less liquid instruments within banks and with their end clients.

«Algomi is pleased to extend its relationship with SIX Swiss Exchange and become a certified Application Service Provider», said Stu Taylor, CEO of Algomi. «We have a lot of demand for connectivity to SIX Swiss Exchange from our clients and we are excited to be able to offer access in a convenient package.» Formed in 2012 by senior bank traders and technologists, Algomi has rapidly attracted top tier bank and exchange attention with its innovative capabilities that support credit trading in the new regulatory regimes.

Maneesh Wadhwa, Relationship Manager at SIX Swiss Exchange, commented: «We are very happy to see Algomi join our range of Service Providers. Our participants now enjoy more options to access the reference market for over 35'000 securities and to benefit from the world's most advanced trading technology.»

A list of all approved Service Providers of SIX Swiss Exchange is available on our website.


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