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News - New Edition of ETP & Indexing Guide



05.10.2018 Investors

New Edition of ETP & Indexing Guide

SIX and payoff are the publishers of the comprehensive reference work «ETP & Indexing Guide 2018/2019».

Exchange-traded investment products that follow a specific index or investment basket continue to gain in popularity. The current edition of ETP & Indexing Guide 2018/2019[pdf] (in German only) is the perfect guide for maintaining an overview of the current offerings of ETFs and tracker certificates.

On the 10-Year Anniversary

In his foreword, Thomas Zeeb, Head Securities & Exchanges, SIX, talks about the future of the company. There will be an even greater focus on the challenges of a demanding market environment. SIX wants to revolutionize the market with the launch of SIX Digital Exchange, the world's first fully integrated infrastructure for the trading, settlement and custody of digital assets.

Security, Reliability and Stability

In an interview, André Buck, Global Head Sales, Securities & Exchanges, SIX, talks about the introduction of SIX Digital Exchange, the wide range of products on the Swiss stock exchange, the lower costs and how important traditional stock trading still is today.

Emphasis on Transparency for ETFs

Danielle Reischuk, Senior Sales Manager ETFs & ETPs at SIX, talks about newcomers in the ETF segment, the iceberg orders and the current trends and developments in smart beta.

Order Your Copy

You can order your copy of the ETP & Indexing Guide on the payoff Webseite. The ETP & Indexing Guide, which was first published in 2013, now has a readership of 110'000. The guide is an important research source for discerning private investors, client advisors and independent asset managers.

In addition to clear and understandable background and trend reports, the guide provides an optimal navigation aid for buy-side readers, with product tables sorted by asset class or sector strategy as well as dp rating and performance.

Further publications from SIX about ETFs are available on our website.


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