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03.04.2018 Participants

Expanded Course Offering: Practical & Compact

The range of courses offered by SIX Swiss Exchange on the subjects of the stock and financial markets is being expanded.

Increased customer demands, growing regulatory requirements, and changing financial markets require continuous training.

As of April 2018, 15 new courses have been added to the practical training offered by SIX Swiss Exchange. The courses will provide access to financial experts on the subjects of «Investments, Markets & Products», «Regulation & Compliance», «Financing & Pensions» and «Current Financial Topics». As a first step, the trainings are offered in German on the premises of SIX.

The new courses have been approved by Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) as re-certification methods through their «Bank Customer Advisor» certification system and offer an efficient means of meeting regulatory requirements.

Our training partners are St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, Nosco Partners AG and change compliance GmbH. They are proven experts in basic training and advanced training in the areas of business and finance, ensuring the ideal combination of theory and practice.

Detailed course descriptions, information about the course dates, and a registration form can be found on our website


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