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News - "Funds in Focus": small & mid cap funds



10.07.2018 Investors

"Funds in Focus": small & mid cap funds

A series of articles by Bank Julius Baer looks at topical investment themes in the Sponsored Funds trading segment of SIX.

The focus of the latest guest contribution by Julius Baer[pdf] is on Swiss small & mid cap funds. Securities with a high market capitalisation are called Blue Chips or large caps (with cap referring to capitalisation), medium-sized companies as mid caps and small companies as small caps.

The article describes the differences between those classes and addresses the specific characteristics of Swiss small & mid caps, also with regard to their historic performance. In addition, it presents a selection of investment funds that cover these companies and can also be traded in the Sponsored Funds segment of the Swiss exchange.

Article series: «Funds in Focus»

Launched in March 2017, the series of articles «Funds in Focus» presents different topical investment themes, including a list of Sponsored Funds that relate to the given theme. The team of authors consists of the fund specialists at Bank Julius Baer that handle the market making of traditional investment funds. All the articles are available on our website.

Trade funds like shares - observe, choose, buy

The Sponsored Funds trading segment provides continuous pricing information, delivering up-to-date mark-to-market prices for traditional investment funds. Investors in this segment enjoy all the benefits of regulated trading and can buy and sell investment funds just as easily as shares and ETFs at any time.

SIX launched the trading segment for Sponsored Funds in March 2013 together with Julius Baer in November 2013. Currently the segment includes 452 products from 80 leading providers. Further information about the benefits of Sponsored Funds may be found in our factsheet[pdf].


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