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Connectivity Technology

Technical connectivity to SIX Swiss Exchange is provided by the SIX Swiss Exchange Common Access Portal (SCAP) or co-location service.

SCAP - individual and effective connectivity options

SCAP provides an interface with optimum scalability and high data transmission capacity. The connection can be individually tailored to the participant's requirements, thereby delivering optimum costs, benefits and profit. For example, participants wishing to increase market activity can easily increase their bandwidth at any time.

SCAP provides access to both trading environments (member test and production) and all exchange services. The participant's router and SCAP may communicate via an encrypted VPN tunnel. This uses Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE).

Co-Location - for speedy trading and data collection

The Co-Location Access to SWXess bypasses the SCAP access network and instead offers a direct layer 2 connection via 200m equidistance fibre cabling to the On Book Matcher. It therefore offers minimum latency for maximum data throughput.

Co-Location only accesses production trading environment via IMI/OTI/QTI.

Access Point Service - low latency direct connectivity from London and Frankfurt based Points of Presence

The Access Point service[pdf] is one of the available SCAP options with several Points of Presence (PoPs) in London and Frankfurt. The service has direct connectivity to SWXess with low and reliable latency to both trading environments (member test and production).

The Access Point service belongs to existing financial ecosystems and provisions participants with diversity, operational cost optimization and potential leveraging economies of scale.