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Marchés des actions

SIX is the reference market for over 250 Swiss shares, consistently offering the best prices and the narrowest spreads in combination with the largest volumes.

The Swiss stock exchange has the best order book quality in the world for Swiss securities, even for large volumes. The average size of trades in SMI securities is more than twice that of alternative trading platforms.

Participants on SIX trade in equities with either a primary or secondary listing. In addition, participants can trade in equities whose primary listing is on another recognized securities exchange if they are admitted to trading in the segment Sponsored Foreign Shares.

The Swiss equities segment covers Swiss blue chips (SLI® securities), Swiss mid and small caps, and rights. Thus in addition to the shares of large companies, an array of smaller stocks are also traded.

Sponsored Foreign Shares are foreign equities from recognized securities exchanges that have been admitted to trading on SIX.

How are the fees regulated?

Guideline: List of Trading Charges fully describes all fees applicable to on-order-book trades and on-Exchange trades executed away from the order book. Further specific provisions are laid down in other SIX Swiss Exchange Directives.

Where can information be found on the individual trading segments?

The Trading Guides provide participants and traders with information on the applicable rules governing trading. «Trading Guide» is the collective term for product guides and other relevant informational material.

The Product Guides contain the full range of trading provisions governing aspects such as trading times, tick size, trading interruptions, reporting, etc.

Information regarding the admission and listing of securities can be obtained at the website of SIX Exchange Regulation. The site also provides information on other regulations under securities law.