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On 10 November 2017, SIX announced the realignment of the company and the appointment of the new CEO, Jos Dijsselhof, who assumed office on 1 January 2018. On 15 January 2018 SIX appointed all members of the future Executive Board. The newly constituted Executive Board will take over operational management of SIX on 1 April 2018.

A main element of the realignment is the bundling of all activities in the securities business, i.e. the merger of the former divisions Swiss Exchange and Securities Services. SIX appointed Thomas Zeeb to lead the new organziational unit. Thomas Zeeb has been a member of the Group Executive Board of SIX since 2008 with responsibility for the division Securities Services. Prior to that, he was a member of the Executive Board of Clearstream Banking in London and Luxembourg and member of the Board of Directors of Clearstream Banking Frankfurt. Chris Landis, who has worked for SIX since 1992 and has been responsible for the division Swiss Exchange since 2015, will become Head IT of SIX.


Executive Board of SIX

The Executive Board implements the strategic objectives and resolutions of the Board of Directors and manages the operating activities of SIX. The Executive Board comprises the CEO, the CFO and the CEOs of the business areas.