Raise Capital

Raise Capital

Discover why a listing is the best way to raise capital from investors who care about liquidity and transparency

Get the Best Valuation from Investors who are Looking for Liquidity and Transparency

Investors behind almost CHF 100 trillion in public capital want the highest quality of liquidity and transparency for their capital. Contrary to VCs and PEs, these investors don’t have insider knowledge of your company. As such they want to be able to sell their positions quickly at the market price, and they want to be informed as soon as something material happens. This means that lower liquidity or lower levels of transparency could result in these investors valuing your company lower than they should.

A listing lets you raise capital at the best conditions from investors with a strong liquidity and transparency preference by providing your company with: 


A listing further strengthens the credibility of your company. It shows commitment to regulatory oversight, corporate governance and transparency, and ultimately strengthens credibility and trust in you as an employer, business partner, and investment.

What is more, a listing also increases your brand awareness. By being listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, you increase your visibility across the market. Our listed companies benefit from broad media and research coverage, meaning clients, employees, and investors have greater insight into your company and can therefore take educated decisions on any investments they make in your organization.


Experienced private investors such as VCs are any scale-up’s first choice to raise capital. But as a founder I need to make sure that our company can optimally raise capital from any investor. Many investors care a lot about liquidity and transparency. This is why it is important that we have the IPO option available to us – an IPO maximizes liquidity and ensures transparency

Basil Weibel, Founder, Wingtra

Innovation that Maximizes your Liquidity

SIX Swiss Exchange is one of Europe’s leading exchanges and your ideal partner for accessing public markets. We have an impressive track record of empowering world-leading corporations.

Since 1850, SIX Swiss Exchange has been rethinking how public markets work. A byword for stability, we have never stood still. Most notably, in 1996 we built the world’s first fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system for equity capital.


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Having unimpeded access to capital is crucial for Swiss start-ups to grow and be successful on the global stage. Being a public company unlocks a valuable, additional funding channel.

Stefan Steiner, Co-Managing Director, Venturelab

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