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By listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange, you ensure you go public in the best possible way.

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centers, celebrated for its strength, reliability and stability. By listing with us, you benefit from banks with high placement power, first class services, our fast and straightforward listing process, direct access to a deep pool of both Swiss and international investors as well as an innovative and liquid stock exchange.

How You Will Benefit

Pragmatic and Efficient Listing

Our fast listing process accommodates listing applications within as little as 20 business days.

The Swiss Quality Connection

Access deep pools of liquidity through domestic and international investors.

No Better Place to List

Switzerland: innovative business location and world-leading financial center with high political stability and competitiveness.

How Did These Companies Benefit from Their IPO:

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Evaluation the Aspects of a Swiss versus a US Listing

There are a number of compelling reasons for domestic companies to IPO in Switzerland rather than listing overseas. Download the paper and see what benefits SIX Swiss Exchange has to offer in comparison to other exchanges.

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The listing of our shares at SIX Swiss Exchange is a natural next step in our development, which opens up new opportunities for our company.

Daniel von Stockar, Chairman of SoftwareONE

Success Stories

Looking to go public? Wondering what’s involved?

Satisfy your curiosity with these success stories from just a few of the companies that have listed with us.

Listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Choosing your listing venue is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. But it doesn’t have to be a hard decision. The Swiss Stock Exchange provides you a platform where you can benefit from an efficient going public process and gain access to Switzerland’s globally connected financial ecosystem.

Streamlined, Straightforward and Fast Listing

At the Swiss Stock Exchange, you can gain regulatory approval in as little as 20 business days after filing of the listing application and all required ancillary documents in substantial final form, thanks to our short decision-making pathways, flexibility, reliability and close to market and client proximity. 

Further, we provide personal support before, during and after you go public with our dedicated Primary Markets team.

Listing of Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) on SIX Swiss Exchange

Global Depository Receipts (or GDRs) are tradable securities that are issued by a bank and represent shares in foreign equity securities that are segregated and deposited in the home country. They enable the (indirect) exercise of the membership and asset rights of the deposited equity securities. The listing of GDRs on SIX Swiss Exchange has been possible since 2007. The regulatory framework for GDRs has been reviewed and amended, and the revised regulatory framework for GDRs entered into force on 25 July 2022. 

SPACs Listings on SIX Swiss Exchange

Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a publicly traded shell company established solely for the purpose of acquiring an unlisted operating company (or several companies simultaneously) within a certain time frame. The securities of such a SPAC can now be listed and traded on the Swiss stock exchange. Read the most important facts about SPACs here.

Europe's Leading Exchange for Life Sciences

Switzerland enjoys plentiful life sciences clusters and a strong life science ecosystem which includes big pharma companies, SMEs as well as start-ups, world-leading universities, strong associations and promoters - all supported by a capital-rich finance industry.

This is why the Swiss Stock Exchange is Europe's leading exchange for life sciences companies, representing around one third of the European life sciences free float market capitalization across Europe's major stock exchanges. Listing with us enables companies to efficiently raise the capital they need to make new discoveries and finance the development of their pipeline.

Taking Family Businesses Public

Globally – and at the Swiss Stock Exchange – around 30% of the 20 largest listed companies per main market are family-controlled.

For family businesses, an IPO can be a key route to protecting and growing the company. It can help with succession outside the family when needed, enhance visibility and professionalize the company, while enabling family members to remain as shareholders and in management functions if desired.


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