Banking Services

Banking Services

We Operate, Develop and Digitalize Swiss Payments

Banking Services – Orchestrating Swiss Payments

SIX operates, develops and digitalizes business and private payments for the Swiss financial center. Central to this is the infrastructure for interbank payments as well as services relating to debit card-based and mobile transactions. Within our four ecosystems, we cover most of the needs of financial institutions, software firms, companies and, increasingly, the Swiss population too. As our client and partner, this means you can benefit from orchestrated payments services – all in one place.

728'223’000 728'223’000
SIC transactions per year (2020)
1’236'000’000 1’236'000’000
ATM- and debit card transactions
processed per year (2020)
2'070'000 2'070'000
eBill users (as at 28 Feb. 2021)

New White Paper: Future of Brick-and-Mortar Commerce

Is there a future for traditional commerce and what does it look like? What opportunities are available to retail banks in the shopping world of tomorrow? The latest SIX white paper is dedicated to the future of brick-and-mortar shopping and offers orientation in an industry that is currently undergoing fundamental transformation.

White Paper: Future of Billing

The White Paper of SIX examines the current state of the Swiss billing industry and provides strategic insights into potential future developments in the area of billing for both invoice recipients and invoice issuers, based on current tendencies and trends.

bLink – The Pioneering Link to Open Banking

Open banking is gaining in importance, also in Switzerland. The bLink platform of SIX connects financial institutions with third party providers via standardized interfaces (API). It enables the exchange of payment transaction data and new digital services for end customers. For example, the account information (AIS) and payment submission (PSS) services. The bLink Guide explains the most important aspects briefly and concisely.

New Debit Products and Services of SIX

With the new Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit card generation, your customers can now also pay online. SIX offers the most modern security standard with the 3-D Secure 2.0 authentication.

The New QR-bill – Making Payments Easier

The QR-bill is modernizing payments in Switzerland. You will find these in your inbox more frequently from 30 June 2020. You will recognize the QR-bill from the Swiss QR Code. This includes all the information required for a convenient, automated and efficient payment.

White Paper: Future of Money

To answer questions about the future of cash, we need to think about how money might develop. What constitutes money, what form does it take and how is it used? All of this could be subject to dramatic change in the near future. The aim of the Future of Money white paper is to help decision-makers set their strategic direction.

eBill: Seamless Payments in the Digital Future

From telephone and utility bills to hospital and credit card bills, with eBill, invoices can be sent directly to your online banking rather than via mail or email. You can view, check and pay these electronic invoices at any time in your online banking. Get everything under control in just a few clicks – and with the high level of security offered by online banking.

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