Sustainability in Practice at SIX

Sustainability in Practice at SIX

As an essential financial market player in Switzerland and Spain, SIX supports the sustainable and responsible growth of the financial industry and drives it forward.

We Drive the Transformation for Sustainable Financial Markets

ESG stands for the environmental, social, and governance issues that together make up the information needed to measure the sustainability and overall impact of a company. In the last couple of years, there’s been an explosion of interest in ESG. From investors; from governments; from regulators; in fact from all corporate stakeholders, as they demand more transparency about a company’s performance beyond its financials. At SIX we are rising to the challenge with a strategy that places ESG at the heart of our business.

In our sustainability strategy, we focus on three areas where we can achieve the greatest possible impact for the economy, society and the environment: as an operator of financial market infrastructure, we enable the mobilization of capital for the benefit of sustainable projects - for example, the placement of green bonds on our stock exchanges. As a product supplier and service provider, we are continuously expanding the range of ESG data - for example, corresponding stock indices. And as a corporate citizen, we contribute to the stability and security of the financial system, promote diversity and financial literacy, and aim to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2050 at the latest. In addition, we are involved in the F10 Incubator & Accelerator, which specifically promotes FinTech startups that are committed to a sustainable financial center.

SIX reports since 2016 according to the GRI standards. We engage in regular dialog with our stakeholders in order to incorporate their knowledge, expectations, and opinions into our material topics. As a host of events or through our involvement in initiatives, we are committed to a dialogue with the financial industry and the society as a whole to further drive a responsible and sustainable economic development. 

Action Areas

SIX as Financial Market Infrastructure

SIX operates central financial market infrastructure in Switzerland and Spain, thus contributing significantly to the security, stability and innovative capacity of both financial centers. In the transition to a sustainable economy, SIX plays a key role while maintaining its neutral position on the market.

SIX as an ESG Product Provider

SIX is ideally positioned to support its customers in working toward their sustainability goals and to support the transformation to sustainable finance. The growing demand for sustainable investments and the increasing regulation in the area of sustainable finance result in business opportunities for SIX.

SIX as a Corporate Citizen

As a corporate citizen and a responsible member of society, SIX focuses on its reputation as an employer, climate protection, ensuring good, sustainable corporate governance, and promoting financial knowledge in society.

Focus Topic: Sustainable Finance