Sustainability at SIX

Sustainability at SIX

As a key player in the financial markets, SIX supports the sustainable and responsible development of the financial industry.

We Drive the Transformation for Sustainable Financial Markets

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. In recent years, interest in ESG has absolutely exploded. Companies have to be more transparent – far beyond key financial figures. At SIX, we’re taking on this challenge. That’s why we have developed a strategy that puts sustainability at the heart of our business. As a financial market infrastructure provider, SIX plays a key role. Our position at the interface between the financial markets and the economy allows us to help shape the transition to sustainable development.

Our sustainability strategy is based on a four-pillar model. In these four areas, we can achieve the greatest possible impact for the economy, society, and the environment. 

Sustainability Reporting

Since 2016 we have been reporting in accordance with the sustainability standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We maintain regular dialogue with our stakeholders. We incorporate their knowledge, requirements, and opinions into our material topics. As hosts of events or through our engagement in initiatives, we are committed to dialogue with the financial industry and society as a whole. Our goal is to promote sustainable economic development.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

At the core of our sustainability agenda is creating long-term value for our clients and positive impacts for the communities we serve, enabled by our position at the intersection between the real economy and the global financial markets.

Jos Dijsselhof, CEO SIX

Examples of Sustainability at SIX