Services for Equity Issuers

Services for Equity Issuers

A Proactive Partnership

How We Help

Even after going public, we remain committed to your success and provide expert support in all areas. You benefit from a proactive partnership, ensuring you maintain a high profile with investors, analysts and the media.

We provide you with robust support in all matters as a publicly listed company. Our industry-leading know-how, helpful information and first-class, needs-oriented services reduce your workload to a minimum and enable you to fund your business efficiently with a view to achieving long-term growth.

How You Will Benefit

Life On the SMI

Hear from some of our blue chip clients and learn what it means for them to be listed on The Swiss Stock Exchange and part of the SMI.

Issuer Relations: Our Services For Issuers

We are convinced that a company needs to have excellent relationships with all relevant stakeholders, not just investors. The Swiss Stock Exchange, offers investor relations teams the customized tools and knowledge they need to stay effective in a rapidly changing world. Once a business is public, its story doesn’t stop. It is important to remain committed to success over the long run.

A comprehensive knowledge of ongoing news and issues, supported by tailored and targeted documentation and training is critical. Also key, is maintaining a broad stakeholder network, including a high profile with investors, analysts and the media.

Our issuer relations team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients are equipped not only to list, but to last.

Issuers benefit from a dedicated team at SIX which provides customized support for equity and bond.

This team acts as a knowhow center for market intelligence, regulatory framework, and data such as trading statistics, indices, information on listing further products.

Issuers can supplement this expertise with the Investor Relations Handbook.

Our regular events range from one-to-one meetings, to expert workshops on various topics relevant to publicly listed companies. Each year we then wrap-up the most pertinent information relevant to you and your peers and curate our key event, the Investor Relations Conference, helping you grow your network and stay ahead.

Enhance Your Visibility: The Stage Program

The Stage Program was created to help SMEs increase visibility among essential capital market stakeholders.

You benefit from a regularly updated factsheet and research reports prepared by our experienced partners so you can reach a large number of capital market participants. We also provide access to the insights and statistics that help smooth the way to life as a public company.

Making SMEs visible

The Stage Program has been supporting a growing number of listed companies in expanding their presence in the capital market.

  • Be visible – through a variety of offers
  • Be supported by trusted and established partners – Baader Helvea, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Finanz und Wirtschaft 
  • Be independent – no direct contractual relationship between your company and the partners

The customized services such as the yearly IR Conference, the IR Handbook or simply to have a dedicated team that provides support with everyday questions is very helpful for us as a listed company on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Christian Waelti Head Investor Relations, Landis+Gyr Group