Date 10 March 2021
Time 10:00-18:10
Location Online
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About This Event

This year’s Annual Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum 2021 will take place under the theme "The Future of Financial Digitization Accelerating in the New Normal Era".

At this conference, our speakers will talk about our approach to the Future of Finance, the Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service from SIX and the SIX Digital Exchange.

New Approach for the Future of Finance

Time: 13:50-14:30 (SIX Session)

SSMS is a securities monitoring service designed to provide organizations with the ability to react effectively to economic sanctions imposed by regulatory authorities around the world, an urgent issue for domestic financial institutions. Join us to find out how SIX can support you to stay clear from sanctioned securities in your investments and ultimately be sanction-compliant in your offerings to your retail and institutional clients.

As cryptocurrency transaction volumes continue to grow with continued adoption by institutional money, the regulated digital securities markets have been growing behind the scenes. 
Please join SIX Digital Exchange and SBI Digital Asset Holdings as we share our views on what is going to be a generational change in the way financial markets operate.