Awarded Fintech of the year 2021, AfterData is the 1st French solution for market abuse detection. AfterData offers European financial stakeholders a next-generation compliance solution combining "machine-learning" and micro-segmentation. Banks, asset management companies or family-offices reduce their risk of being sanctioned while optimizing their costs thanks to the exclusive AfterData Compliance technology.

The quality of warning generated by the AfterData Compliance solution is the result of combining a state-of-the-art calculation engine with comprehensive and accurate market data. To fuel its solution, AfterData naturally reached out to SIX, a worldwide renowned provider for the collection and distribution of market data. Kepler Chevreux, la Française, La Banque Postale already benefit from AfterData's expertise and the excellence of data provided by SIX.

This data from SIX - and in particular the order books - is delivered through the apiD platform, which allows to easily build applications, tools and customizable sites, based on a transparent distribution of financial data.  Its easy-to-use interface gives a modular access to the database of SIX (securities characteristics, real-time pricing, regulatory content, etc.) which allowed AfterData to set up an optimal integration.

"Our solution and its innovative approach are now at the forefront of the detection and analysis of market abuse. Nevertheless, it would be impossible to provide a relevant analysis without high quality order books’ data. That is why we are very pleased to have found with SIX a trusted partner to provide us with this data in a format very easy to integrate."

-- Alexis Monier, CEO, AfterData

"At SIX, we have always sought to offer our customers the data and services necessary for their optimal compliance toward the multiple regulations that impact the market. Market abuse is no exception to this rule, and it is with great enthusiasm that we have been able to develop this partnership with AfterData and provide them with the necessary "fuel" to operate AfterData Compliance."

-- Thierry Marais, Head Partners France, Financial Information, SIX

About AfterData
With 25 million daily analyses, AfterData is the 1st French Fintech expert for solutions of market abuse detection. Thanks to its exclusive technology combining machine learning and micro-segmentation, AfterData is disrupting the financial compliance industry. With offices in Paris, Luxembourg and soon Geneva, AfterData supports retail banks, private banks, asset management companies or brokers in reducing drastically their operational risk while mitigating their compliance costs.

About SIX

SIX operates and develops infrastructure services for the Swiss and Spanish Stock Exchanges, for Post-Trade Services, Banking Services and Financial Information with the aim of raising efficiency, quality and innovative capacity across the entire value chain of the Swiss and Spanish financial centers. The company is owned by its users (121 banks). With a workforce of some 3,500 employees and a presence in 20 countries, it generated operating income of CHF 1.38 billion and Group net profit of CHF 439.6 million in 2020.