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We operate the Terravis platform, which comprises the modules "Query Portal", "Electronic Transactions", "Nominee", "SIX Signing Service" and supplementary services.

Terravis is the electronic platform for dealing with the swiss land registers. 

The query portal offers authorized users access to land register data of all connected cantons. In addition, many cantons offer cadastral survey and/or OEREB cadastre data via Terravis.

Electronic transactions enables the processing of mortgage, property and commercial register transactions via a single platform via secured and standardized communication, free of media discontinuity. Using Terravis relieves both private companies and public administrations of administrative work. Processes are accelerated and sources of error reduced.

The administrative trusteeship of register mortgage certificates (Terravis-Nominee) is handled via nominee module within Terravis. SIX SIS maintains a depository for each nominee participant's register mortgage certificates and builds on eGVT for communication.

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