Data Passport

Data Passport

Is Your Financial Data Really Safe to Travel?

Every Security Master Needs a Data Passport

Data is the fuel for financial markets yet major institutions are at great operational and regulatory risk of acting on stale or incorrect information. Just as your passport is proof of your identity, financial services firms need to understand data lineage. Do we now need a financial “data passport”?

Quality and provenance of data is important to a bank’s operations, growth, risk and performance; financial institutions need to know where data comes from, where it goes and how it is used. SIX understands the role that data plays in financial markets and provides you with the passport you need to gain entry to increased growth and performance as well as reduced risk and regulatory exposure.

Financial Sector Challenges to Leverage Data Passporting and New Technology *

31% 31%
automate the sourcing, analysis, aggregation and distribution of financial data
29% 29%
improve the connectivity among various financial data sources to cut marginal costs
27% 27%
onboarding to a platform for process standardization, automation, documentation, scalability and reporting
13% 13%
support data analytics and rule sets

* According to SIX research, carried out across data management leaders from 15 tier one and tier two US and European based financial institutions. The Data Passporting concept refers to the importance of data quality and traceability. 

Read Our White Paper: “Data Transformation”

The above challenges were raised by data management professionals from buy and sell side firms in the EU and US through a survey carried out by SIX. The White Paper “Data Transformation. Leveraging data quality, traceability and new technology to enable digital transformation,” analyzes how the marketplace views the benefits of digital transformation. Register to find out what role data passporting, analytics and new technology play in a ‘data-driven’ financial services enterprise.

Watch Our On-Demand Corporate Actions Webinar

While end-to-end automation for corporate actions processing is ideal, this may not be a feasible option in the short term, due to budgetary challenges and/or available technical resources. In such a scenario, financial institutions may opt for partial automation to gain some benefits. Watch this webinar to hear expert speakers share their thoughts and experience on approaches to gaining operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Innovation Through Analytics and Data Passporting

New regulations, calls for deregulation, political uncertainty, and increased trading barriers are causing global businesses to do some serious thinking about how to navigate perplexing situations.

This new normal is spurring a race to model the future, find competitive alpha, and be more confident with risk assessments — efforts that are more data intensive than ever before. This also means that firms will be turning to alternative data in greater numbers, which will bolster Big Data stacks and exponentially improve analytics.

The history of corporate actions from SIX goes back more than 25 years and provides access to the same detailed corporation actions data available on each instrument as the daily corporate actions service. This can be complemented with securities pricing information going back to the early 1980s. With a focus on primary, official and trusted sources and building on a highly structured data model, SIX has been delivering proven data quality for 90 years.

Why SIX Is Your Partner of Choice

8.4 mn 8.4 mn
corporate actions processed in 2019
10 x 10 x
Best Corporate Action Providers IMD & IRD – 10 years running
35+ years 35+ years
of securities pricing information
25+ years 25+ years
of full corporate action event history