Overview of SIX

Overview of SIX

SIX operates the infrastructure for the Swiss and Spanish financial centers, catering to a broad international client base.
We provide services in the securities, financial information as well as the payments business.

Connecting Market Participants Around the World

SIX operates the infrastructure for the financial centers in Switzerland and Spain, thus ensuring the flow of information and money between financial market players. SIX offers exchange services, financial information and banking services with the aim of increasing efficiency, quality and innovative capacity along the entire value chain. SIX is also building a digital infrastructure for the new millennium.

SIX connects financial market participants in Switzerland, Spain and throughout the world. The company is owned by around 120 national and international financial institutions. They are the main users of our services and our most important customers. Our close relationship with them guarantees stability of the financial infrastructure and processes, proximity to clients’ evolving business needs and competitive prices.

Our Purpose

We drive competitiveness of our customers in our home markets and in international financial markets through superior services and innovation.

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SIX in Figures

CHF 1,526.0 mn CHF 1,526.0 mn
Operating Income
CHF 413.4 mn CHF 413.4 mn
4,024 4,024
Employees (FTE)
CHF 181.1 mn CHF 181.1 mn
Adjusted Group Net Result
CHF -1,006.2 mn CHF -1,006.2 mn
Group Net Result
S&P Rating
CHF 5.20 CHF 5.20
Dividend per Share

More facts and figures? Have a look at the Annual Report 2023. 

Our Strategy

In Europe, SIX is positioned as a top financial market infrastructure provider. This enables SIX to support the competitiveness of clients in its home markets of Switzerland and Spain, as well as globally, through superior services and innovation. SIX services not only benefit financial industry clients but also the wider economy and society as a whole. In line with this mission, SIX pursues a comprehensive range of objectives that includes all relevant stakeholders:

  • Clients Offer market-leading products and services
  • Financial Center and Economy Maintain a secure, robust, and efficient infrastructure for traditional and digital assets and for data products and banking services
  • People and Environment Contribute to a sustainable future
  • Shareholders Enable growth and value creation

To meet these objectives in a fast-paced and global context, SIX relies on its distinctive business portfolio of exchanges, post-trade services, financial information, and banking infrastructure services. This diversified portfolio enables SIX to seize growth opportunities throughout the securities value chain and across banking infrastructure services that deliver superior customer value.

Our Business Portfolio

The integral structures of SIX are one of the strategic drivers of success: Innovative and value adding solutions are developed particularly when the business units connect and collaborate. Our business model is broader than most of our competitors. We have two strong home markets with Switzerland and Spain and can count on the support of our shareholder (user-owned/user-governed).

In order to further enhance the agility needed to capture market opportunities in the Financial market infrastructure area, SIX decided to consolidate its exchange-related businesses in a new “SIX Exchange Group” entity. This structural change will give the exchange-related businesses (Exchanges, Securities Services, Financial Information) more flexibility to enhance customer focus and boost global growth.


As the operator of the Swiss Stock Exchange and the Spanish stock exchange BME we combine listing, trading, settlement, and custody of securities in one place. And with the SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) we are defining the Securities Value Chain of the future.

Securities Services

From clearing and settlement through to custody, collateral management, and repo transactions, SIX offers the complete spectrum of post-trade services and more along the entire value-added chain – doing so in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

Financial Information

As a global provider of financial information, SIX offers high-quality reference, pricing, and corporate action data, regulatory services, and indices.

Banking Services

As a competence center for Swiss payment transactions, SIX supports banks with innovative services in an increasingly digitalized world.


SIX has stood for innovation and stability on the global financial markets since 2008. Our strength is founded on our history: SIX was formed from the merger of experienced financial companies – with their beginnings going back to around 1930.


SIX is active around the globe and is continually expanding its network.

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