Debit Cards and More

Debit Cards and More

Smart, Flexible Processing Solutions for Debit Card Issuers


Effective Debit Card Issuing Solutions

SIX helps meet your customers’ specific needs with extremely flexible processing and card administration solutions. We support the entire spectrum of relevant international debit card brands as well as proprietary bank cards.

We are also always introducing new and innovative add-on services. SIX can help you outsource your debit card programme support processes. We have vital expertise in fraud prevention and detection as well as chargeback processes. You can also reach us 24/7 with the SIX Blocking Center and new customer services for 3D Secure support.

Card fraud – no chance

The explanatory film (in German) uses the example of "phishing" to show how fraudsters operate and gives tips for preventing card fraud.

So that the most popular means of payment in Switzerland remains secure.

Learning Nugget: Card Fraud Made Difficult

With the increased use of digital cards in e-commerce, the topic of fraud without a physical card is gaining importance. Learn more about card fraud and the core elements of effective detection and prevention.

Learning Nugget: Four-Party Model and Interchange

Everything you wanted to know about the four-party model, fee structure and interchange in the debit card business. Learn more about the functionality, importance and the roles.

New Debit Products and Services of SIX

With the new Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit card generation, your customers can now also pay online.