Your Gateway to Capital, Liquidity and Visibility

Your Gateway to Capital, Liquidity and Visibility

If you are looking to list your securities and products on an exchange that offers extraordinary liquidity, features some of Europe’s biggest companies by market capitalisation and stands out for its reliability, trustworthiness and stability, then welcome to the Swiss Stock Exchange.

The Swiss Stock Exchange is currently the third largest in Europe, with a free float market capitalization of CHF 1.5 trillion (as per August 2020). Around 250 companies of all sizes and sectors, including small and mid-caps, family businesses and international giants benefit from being listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Why List On SIX Swiss Exchange?

SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the leading exchanges in Europe and offers outstanding liquidity. Some of the most highly capitalized European companies are listed here. We offer a gateway to global financial markets and access to a deep pool of Swiss and international investors.

Switzerland has been capital’s natural and trusted home for decades. Few other countries can boast such a high concentration of institutional and private as well as international and domestic investors. The Swiss Stock Exchange is your gateway to all of them.

Sparks, the Stock Exchange for Swiss SMEs

SIX Swiss Exchange has launched its new equity segment dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises. Listed SMEs will benefit from having greater flexibility in optimizing their ownership structure, broadening their financing options and gaining access to a broad investor base to raise equity-capital efficiently. Investors stand to benefit from the new Sparks trading model which supports effective price formation and best-execution in equity securities.

The SMI: Switzerland’s Market Reference for Over 30 Years

The Swiss Market Index (SMI) tracks the 20 biggest and most liquid companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Including three of the five highest capitalized companies in Europe, the SMI is the reference index in Switzerland and is a finger on the pulse of the Swiss economy.

Marking the SMI’s 30th anniversary in 2019, we look back at the index’s long history.

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