Interbank Clearing

Interbank Clearing

SIC and euroSIC Offer Secure, Reliable and Efficient Interbank Payments at the Highest Level


Payment Services for the Swiss Financial Center

With SIC and euroSIC interbank payment systems, financial institutions have access to a one-stop-shop for processing real-time payments in Swiss franc and euro across Switzerland, Europe and worldwide – efficiently and securely. When it comes to interbank payments, banks rely on the combination of innovative international standards and reliable, powerful and cost-efficient interbank payment technology. Building on these, they harness the increasing digitalization in their customers’ day-to-day lives to improve the customer experience with innovative payment functions, and by offering easy access to banking services via smartphones and mobile apps.

Facts and Figures

968 968
million transactions are processed via the SIC payment system every year.
6 6
trillion Swiss franc turnover is generated by financial institutions via SIC during peak months.
1987 1987
The year Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC), the real-time payment system for Switzerland, was founded.

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SIC Ltd is responsible for the management of interbank issues in various financial center committees.