ESG Data & Services

ESG Data & Services

Access the ESG Data you need to make informed sustainable investment decisions.


Comprehensive and Reliable ESG Data Delivery

Fighting climate change is one of the most important goals on the global political agenda with social and governance factors also being hot topics. This has instigated a global shift in the financial sector towards sustainable investment strategies and the choice for future-oriented investors is expected to keep on growing. One of the major challenges surrounding ESG investments (ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance) is sourcing reliable, consistent and comparable ESG data.

At SIX, we want to provide our clients with the high quality ESG data they need to better serve their clients through sustainably orientated investment offerings. We provide a wide range of sustainable services, including ESG RegRisk Management, ESG Data via a dedicated “Hub” and ESG Indices.

Recent Developments & Challenges in the ESG Data Landscape

Are you curious about what the challenges are that financial institutions are facing with regards to ESG data and the growing demands from regulators and how can you make sustainability data management a natural component of business to support investment decision-making and regulatory disclosures? Learn more in the interview with Amy Malkani from TSAM and Janine Hofer-Wittwer, CFA, who is responsible for developing ESG data services at SIX.

Master the Challenges of ESG Data Sourcing

The adoption of ESG strategies by investors and corporations globally has risen sharply in recent years, resulting in a need for comprehensive ESG data from reliable data sources. 

Whether you want to facilitate regulatory disclosures to the market and your customers, or one data source to cover a variety of fundamental ESG and specialist data sets, or you are looking for sustainable benchmarks, SIX is your reliable partner to cover your high quality ESG Data needs.