Tax Services

Tax Services

Our Comprehensive Solution for Your Tax Challenges

Avoid Double Taxation. Simply. And Easily.

Avoiding double taxation today is a complex and opaque process for banks and investors alike. It requires highly specialized knowledge of the respective financial markets and their ever-changing requirements.

SIX provides a wide range of services to avoid double taxation and provide regulatory tax reporting. We take on the entire process chain from market-specific tax form submission, through coordinating with relevant tax authorities right up until tax refunds. Our Tax Services generate economies of scale for all stakeholders resulting in significant cost savings for banks, enabling them in turn,  to better serve their customers by helping them minimize double taxation and comply with regulatory tax reporting conventions.


Tax Services Made Easy

Today, clients are increasingly seeking greater tax optimization services from their banks. Since the implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI), this demand has increased and clients are now far more open to changing to banks which have an offering which best meets their needs.

The implementation and maintenance of tax services is highly complex, cost intensive and fluid: ever-changing local fiscal regulation requires constant monitoring and adaptations of processes and systems

SIX offers a number of solutions to address such tax issues, including Relief at Source, Quick Refund, and Tax Reclaim services. The new Advanced Tax Reclaim service is an innovative and smart one-stop-shop solution for banks and wealth managers, creating new revenue opportunities for banks and their clients. The Advanced Tax Reclaim service can be accessed through the web-based ATS Portal.

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