Facts and figures

Key figures

Over 6 x Over 6 x
more value today compared to its launch 30 years ago.
10,000 points 10,000 points
10,000 point mark was broken through for the first time on 18 June 2019.
No. 1 & 2 in Europe No. 1 & 2 in Europe
the highest capitalized companies are Nestlé and Novartis. And with Roche, three SMI stocks are in Europe’s top 5.
15.7 billion 15.7 billion
Swiss francs are invested in SMI-based ETFs and derivatives.
12 million 12 million
index options and futures contracts were traded on the SMI in 2017.
16,000 structured products 16,000 structured products
were launched on the SMI in 2017, making it one of the ten most used baseline values in Europe.
20 companies 20 companies
are contained in the SMI. Before the number was limited to 20, it fluctuated between 18 and 29.
50:50 50:50
stock market capitalization and trading volume are used equally as a basis for selecting SMI stocks.
10 bedrocks 10 bedrocks
composition. They derive from 17 stocks that made up the original composition in 1988.


Composition 1988 & today

  SMI 1988 SMI today
Number of titles 24 20

Adia I


Ciba Geigy I

Ciba Geigy PS

Elektrowatt I

Hoffmann-La-Roche GS

Holderbank I

Jacobs Suchard I

Nestlé I

Nestlé PS

Oerlikon-Bührle I

Pargesa I

Pirelli I

Rückversicherung PS

Sandoz PS





Schweiz. Kreditanstalt I

Schweiz. Volksbank StN

Swissair I

Winterthur I

Zurich I

ABB Ltd N                    

Adecco N    
Alcon N                    

CS Group N                   

Geberit N                    

Givaudan N                                  

LafargeHolcim N              

Lonza N                      

Nestle N                     

Novartis N                   

Richemont N                  

Roche GS                     

SGS N                        

Sika I                       

Swatch Group I               

Swiss Life Holding AG N      

Swiss Re N                   

Swisscom N                   

UBS Group N

Zurich Insurance N    

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