Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We Operate, Develop, and Digitalize Payments and Banking Services for the Swiss Financial Center

SIX operates, develops, and digitizes the Swiss payment traffic for both private and business use – together with the local financial institutions and in close cooperation with the Swiss National Bank.

The modern and secure SIC (Swiss Interbank Clearing) infrastructure is of systemic importance for Switzerland as a business location. On this basis, we promote the continuous development of platforms, channels and payment means that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

We are continuously working on new approaches to open up innovative business areas and thus improve the payment experience for our customers. At the same time, we always strive to look at society as a whole so that everyone can keep up with the modernization of payments while also benefiting the environment.

Our Value Proposition

Network Effects

We drive network effects based on joint banking platforms.

Cost Reduction

We enable our customers to reduce costs by leveraging economies of scale through the provision of centralized services.

Security & Stability

We operate highly secure and stable key banking infrastructures in Switzerland.

Digitization & Enabling of Innovation

We develop innovative services and technologies, bring them to market maturity and foster their widespread adoption.    

...while enabling sustainability and inclusion through our solutions.

"Together, we are shaping the Swiss payments landscape."

Dieter Goerdten, Head Banking Services and Member of the Executive Board of SIX

Our Business Areas

eBill, QR-bill, Payments in Switzerland and Europe, instant payments

With eBill, the payment of invoices via e-banking, we are driving the digitalization of payments. At the same time, the QR-bill bridges the gap between the paper-based and the digital world.

On behalf of and under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank, all interbank payments in Swiss francs are processed via the SIC interbank payment system operated by SIX. 

From August 2024, we will enable instant payments. SIC will then process customer payments within seconds and 24/7/365.

New debit cards with e-commerce and mobile payment functionalities

We are the preferred partner for debit card processing and innovative value-added services in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

In close cooperation with the banks, we are continuously developing the debiX+ app and expanding the offering in line with customer needs.

We operate the customer service center for card issuers, assume responsibility for preventing card-related fraud on behalf of the card issuers, and handle chargebacks.

ATM services

With our ATM system, we operate the largest ATM network in Switzerland and are a partner to banks for cash solutions.

In addition, we define and manage common standards and requirements for the respective networks. We also process interbank transactions.

Banks can outsource their ATMs to us. By outsourcing to SIX, banks can be sure that the familiar ATM functions will remain unchanged and will be made fit for the future through innovation.

open banking

With bLink, we provide the Swiss financial center with an efficient, secure, and comprehensive open banking platform for the standardized exchange of data and services via state-of-the-art interfaces (APIs).

The platform allows its participants (banks and FinTechs) to establish innovative API-based solutions for both private and business clients in a highly standardized and scalable way.

payment enrichment services

Data is the foundation that drives the development of innovative products and services. The combination of data and advanced technologies can not only significantly improve business performance and efficiency, but also drive innovation and competitiveness.

SIX applies advanced data science techniques to unlock the potential of data and develop value-added data products or solutions. We strive to provide effortless access to data insights to help our clients achieve growth, smart decisions, and sustainable success.

SIC system, euroSIC system

With SIC and euroSIC interbank payment systems, financial institutions have access to a one-stop-shop for processing real-time payments in Swiss franc and euro across Switzerland, Europe and worldwide – efficiently and securely. When it comes to interbank payments, banks rely on the combination of innovative international standards and reliable, powerful and cost-efficient interbank payment technology. Building on these, they harness the increasing digitalization in their customers’ day-to-day lives to improve the customer experience with innovative payment functions, and by offering easy access to banking services via smartphones and mobile apps.

electronic commerce with the land register

Terravis is your land register interface. It provides access to data from land registries, the Cadastre of public-law restrictions (ÖREB-Kataster), and the official cadastral survey. Whether submitting land register transactions to land registries, or administering registered mortgage certificates, we provide you with the digital platform you need to complete your tasks efficiently.

Use our services, simplify your work processes and reduce sources of error. Digital, secure, and standardized.

euro payments

Based in Frankfurt am Main, SECB is a commercial bank specializing exclusively in the processing of euro payments and all related customer services as well as cash and collateral management.

SECB's business purpose is to connect to the major euro clearing systems and to process euro payments, primarily for banks and financial institutions from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but also from other countries.

"CEO Talk" with Dieter Goerdten

As part of the "CEO Talk", Dieter Goerdten, Head of the Banking Services business unit, and Martin Spieler, business journalist and independent financial expert, shared their thoughts on the future development of payment transactions and the added value of instant payments for companies and consumers.

The interview is available in Swiss German/German and provides in-depth insights into this key topic.

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