Date & Time

07 September 2021, All Day Event

Location Zurich, Switzerland
Venue Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut
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About This Event

The role of sustainability has gained more and more significance over the past few years with the goal of minimizing risks and securing returns, in line with the increasingly important criteria of good corporate governance and the wider sustainability goals.

Though ESG poses its challenges, institutional and private investors alike can influence the behavior of the market in a positive way by providing sustainable portfolios.

Join the industry experts at the event Nachhaltig Investieren by Finanz und Wirtschaft to learn more about the opportunites of sustainable investments on 07 September 2021.


Program: Please click here to view the full event program.
08:15 am Registration and welcome coffee
08:45 am Welcome
Philippe Béguelin, Finanz und Wirtschaft
09:00 am KEYNOTE – Non-sustainable business is non-investable and non-insurable business
Daniel Gussmann, AXA Schweiz
09:30 am
INTERVIEW – Sustainability: focusing on the 2030 goal
Marilen Dürr, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
John Häfelfinger, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
Moderator: Philippe Béguelin, Finanz und Wirtschaft
10:00 am PODIUM – New paths in banking
Patrik A. Janovjak, Raiffeisen Schweiz
Dan Scott, Vontobel Wealth Management
Eric Steinhauser, Rahn+Bodmer Co.
Moderator: Philippe Béguelin, Finanz und Wirtschaft
10:30 am Coffee and networking break
11:00 am Parallel group discussions
12:30 pm Networking lunch
01:40 pm Parallel group discussions
02:20 pm Coffee and networking break
02:50 pm PODIUM – Sustainable investing: the pension fund special
Joel Blunier, PROSPERITA Sammelstiftung
Martin Hammele, Veska Pensionskasse
Monica Maeder, Pensionskasse Swiss Re
Gerhard Ruff, Mauritius Pensionskasse
Moderator: Philippe Béguelin, Finanz und Wirtschaft
03:20 pm IMPULS – Why measure impact?
Mirjam Garzon, Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
03:40 pm IMPULS – Do nature and biodiversity have a price in an urban context?
Alexander Wiese, Banking without Boundaries
04:00 pm INTERVIEW – Alternative protein: the revolution of the food industry
Maria Lettini, FAIRR Initiative
Björn Witte, Blue Horizon Corporation
Moderator: Ralph Kretschmer, EBG Investment Solutions AG
04:25 pm Sustainable investing: investing successfully with social benefits
Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Germany 1998 to 2005
04:55 pm Conclusion
Philippe Béguelin, Finanz und Wirtschaft
05:00 pm Networking apero