Display and Delivery Capabilities

Display and Delivery Capabilities

High Quality Data, Easily Accessible


Accurate and Timely Data for the Financial Industry

With over 85 years’ experience serving the wealth management community, SIX understands the data integration challenges across the back, middle and front offices. Our accurate, timely and trusted data has made SIX the chosen partner for both data consumers and publishers, with capabilities built with our customers’ needs in mind. Whether you need support with documents, deep data integration or data visualization, our financial data delivery capabilities have you covered.

Our Delivery Capabilities

Access Our Data in the Format You Need

User-Focused Data Delivery

We work closely with our clients to develop data delivery capabilities that fulfill their data needs. Whether you require powerful data feeds, or specific data packages, we deliver them. All of our feeds are built with our clients in mind and a dedication to accuracy, timeliness and ease of use. Our goal is to deliver the data you need, the way you need it, when you need it, so you can focus on your day-to-day activity and business opportunities.

Data Delivery, Tailored to You

Our extensive data delivery capabilities ensure that you will find the right solution for your business needs. We provide specific data packages, regulatory documents, snap on demand, continuous data feed, and flat files. Our capabilities cover all types of financial data, delivering it in whichever format you need. 

What if You Could Pick and Choose the Data You Need?

SIX Flex: data delivery made easy.



The Information You Need, at Your Fingertips

Our financial data display product enables you to easily navigate a wealth of information from SIX and other third parties. Our data display products provide a clear and intuitive overview of all the data you need, tailored to your workflow and specific requirements. In addition to the market and reference data universe, extra functionality, including news, company key figures and ratings, ensures that you have the right information to make the best-informed business decisions.


Make Better Decisions Faster

In markets where speed is crucial, good decisions are fast decisions. But fast doesn’t just mean quick delivery, it means data delivered in an easy-to-use, highly navigable format. When information is clear and instantly understandable, decisions don’t get held up by interpretation. Above all though, decisions need to be built on accurate data. Financial data display products from SIX offer a good overview and accurate data.



SIX iD: Relevant, Timely, Trusted Data

Make better-informed decisions, faster with SIX iD, a powerful and intuitive tool that ensures you have a clear view of all the data, news and analyses you need. Whether you are an investment advisor, wealth, risk or asset manager, in a front- or back-office role, SIX iD allows you to make the most of reference and market data from SIX. Choose from one of our prepackaged offerings or build your own version tailored to your precise needs.

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